Home Run Inn

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

From a solid social, content and retail strategy we helped Home Run Inn in selling pies, and driving ROI. From a tactical point-of-view, we were responsible for developing the strategic roadmap for digital, social and mobile—ensuring contribution to and complementing the overall business strategy.

Our disruptive promotional strategies at Kroger Headquarters illustrated the unique out-of-the-box methods that would be used to drive in-store sales while garnishing the attention of key vertical buyers.

Most recently, Idea Kitchen planned and developed the infrastructure for a sweepstakes campaign to promote the sale of the brand's frozen pizza line in grocery stores across the nationwide.

Home Run Inn Macbook

Visual identity and campaign strategy

Greektown knew it was time to update their digital presence and we dove right into creating a new website with a modern feel that captured the essence of what makes the neighborhood so iconic to begin with.

A new visual language was created by exploring new fonts, establishing a color palette, building a library of layout components, and setting the right tone for the photography. Additionally, we re-defined the content structure and laid out high-level wireframes to accommodate these changes.

Based on our findings, our design team designed all pages, taking into consideration various screen sizes. The user interfaces across the website and blog were meticulously designed to be a content rich source setting the stage for Chicago's Greektown to be a destination of choice. By making the Greektown brand both recognizable and empowering everyone that frequents the area, we increased foot traffic and tourism.